Suboxone Doctors in Indiana


Indiana Suboxone Doctors

by Lauren Pesce

If you're suffering from addiction to prescription painkillers, heroin or other opiates, finding help may seem like an impossible task. Maybe you've tried treatment before, maybe you've attempted to quit on your own. If you haven't tried Suboxone treatment for opiate dependence, or if you tried it before but have relapsed, don't be afraid to contact an Indiana Suboxone doctor for help. These doctors provide effective treatment for opiate addiction and can help you restore balance, sanity and sanctuary into your life.

Understanding Suboxone Treatment More information on

Suboxone treatment for opioid dependence is not for everyone but it can provide a highly effective means of treatment for those who are willing to stick to the treatment plan and work hard at recovery. This medication is a combined drug made up of two active ingredients; Buprenorphine and Naloxone. Each of these drugs works hand in hand to provide maximum relief from withdrawal symptoms while curbing cravings and keeping the user stable. Although Buprenorphine is actually an opioid, it is not as strong acting as heroin or certain prescription painkillers and when paired with Naloxone, an opiate blocker, it has very minimal effects on the user aside from the ability to dramatically reduce cravings which helps to prevent relapse.

Suboxone is taken once a day, under the tongue. The film or tablet dissolves within a matter of minutes and provides the user with a dose of powerful medication that helps to keep withdrawal symptoms at bay for a full 24 hours. Most Indiana Suboxone doctors will administer the first dose of the drug in the office so that the patient can be monitored for the first few minutes or so. Doses continue to be monitored for the first few days as the Indiana doctor works to adjust the dosing requirements until the proper dose is found for the patient.

What Types of Addiction Does Suboxone Treat?

Suboxone can be used to treat a wide range of addictions including addiction to:

  • Morphine
  • Oxycontin
  • Oxycodone
  • Hydrocodone
  • Vicodin
  • Heroin
  • Methadone

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If you've had problems with Suboxone in the past or if you have other problems with substance abuse, talk with your Indiana Suboxone doctor before taking this medication. Suboxone use may cause physical dependence but in most cases the risk of dependence from Suboxone is not nearly as high or dangerous as it is with other types of opiates or opioids such as heroin or prescription painkillers. Using Suboxone incorrectly or without a prescription can lead to physical drug dependence and may require further medical treatment and care.

Who Can Prescribe Suboxone?

Only Indiana Suboxone doctors, those who have been licensed to prescribe Suboxone, can administer this medication to those who require treatment for opiate addiction. Suboxone cannot be administered by a doctor who has not been properly licensed in the state of Indiana to provide the drug. If you're considering Suboxone treatment for opiate addiction, and your primary care physician is not a licensed Suboxone doctor, ask for a referral to a Suboxone specialist in order to get the treatment that you need.

How to Use Suboxone

Suboxone is used in the very early phase of opiate withdrawal to curb cravings, prevent further symptoms of withdrawal and reduce the risk of relapse. The Indiana Suboxone doctor will ask you questions to determine the level or severity of your addiction and to find out how much Suboxone he should administer to you. Be honest with the Indiana doctor to ensure that you receive the proper treatment for your individual needs.

It's important that you have not taken opiates for a specific period of time before you take Suboxone. Using Suboxone when you have very recently used opiates, such as within the last few hours, can lead to serious withdrawal symptoms. Talk with your doctor and be very clear about when your last opiate use was and about the symptoms of withdrawal that you may currently be experiencing.

How is Suboxone Administered?

The Indiana Suboxone doctor will administer the Suboxone to you in either a tablet or dissolvable film formula. Both medications are to be placed under your tongue and dissolved. The medication will take about 2 minutes to dissolve. It's important that you don't chew or swallow the drug as this can cause adverse side effects. Your Indiana doctor may require you to take the first few doses in the office before providing you with a take home prescription.

Is Other Treatment Needed?

Most Indiana Suboxone doctors agree that the most effective treatment for opiate addiction occurs when the user is provided with both medication assisted treatment and counseling or therapy. Behavioral therapy is a recommended accompaniment to Suboxone treatment as it will help you to overcome many of the psychological challenges that you are adjusting to as you recover and it can help you to better understand your addiction, the situations that led to the addiction and how you can prevent history from repeating itself.

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Talk with your Indiana Suboxone doctor about any side effects that you experience while taking Suboxone. Some of the most common side effects that are experienced pose little threat to the user but may be uncomfortable or challenging to cope with. The following are some of the most common side effects associated with Suboxone treatment for opioid dependence:

  • Numbness in the mouth
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Constipation
  • Upset stomach or stomach cramps
  • Tingling in the extremities

Most of these symptoms will gradually go away as you and your body adjust to the treatment protocol. If symptoms cause problems or make it difficult for you to focus or concentrate on your recovery, talk with your Indiana doctor about the problems you are having. In many cases, the Suboxone dose can be lowered or certain home remedies can be used to reduce or alleviate the symptoms all together. Just be open and honest with your doctor so that he can help you.

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